North Florida’s GE Annual Christmas Party

Welcome, GE Guests!

When we got the call to help with General Electric’s North Florida regional annual Christmas party, we couldn’t wait to try out some new designs for our custom signage! We hand painted this sheet of plexi and added a pretty script for a whimsical touch at the main entrance of the party.

The floral spray adorning the top of the sign is made up of a mix of tulips, star of Bethlehem, cedar, pine + red berries for an organic and natural feel. We personally select and arrange every stem that’s used at our events. We were so pleased with how this combo came together!

Christmas Floral Arrangements

These tulips slowly opened up to reveal a deep red center that went perfectly with seasonal cedar and pine for a natural + organic Christmas combination. The Christmas “red + green” combo can take many forms. We never limit ourselves to pre-made store bought arrangements!

What flower is more fitting for a Christmas arrangement than Star of Bethlehem? They added the perfect pop of white.

Christmas floral spray centerpiece
Pine, red tulips + star of Bethlehem make up this holiday inspired centerpiece spray

Customized Party Decor!

In addition to the large welcome sign, we chose to incorporate the same hand painted + hand lettered design into the “Seasonal Sips” specialty drink menu.

For each event, we specially select font pairings that reflect the overall feel of the occasion. And each font pairing is unique to every event! You’ll never see the same look twice. For the hot cocoa cups, we added a personalized event logo to the sleeves.

Mint and cranberries are always the perfect seasonal drink garnish!

When you finally get to see it all come together…

Call us today for your free consultation for your next party! We can’t wait to help you celebrate!