Restaurant Grand Opening: The Filling Fork


The Filling Fork was a project we worked on from the very beginning of it’s inception, so seeing it come to life and being able to plan the grand opening event was an awesome experience. We were first tasked by Laura Fowler Goss, Food Designer to design the official logo and branding pack for her “new, kind of crazy, idea” a nonprofit restaurant in her hometown of Branford, FL. The inspiration, she described, is a French bistro-like space full of grab-and-go food options cooked fresh daily and made from locally grown ingredients. The offerings would not have a set in stone menu rather they’d be created from the food she had on hand for her booming catering business. This would ensure not only freshness, but variety for people who just wanted something new and tasty to grab during the work day. She also stocked prepared dinner entrees that just needed to be heated and served at home for a home cooked meal except the customer didn’t have to cook it or make their kitchen a mess!

From the invitations to the thank you tags on the warm, freshly baked croissants served by  we loved working with this farm fresh theme!

Custom Original Invitations + Signage

The invites and signage featured the font mixing of The Filling Fork logo and some beautiful hand sketched garden fresh illustrations.

Always add a touch of copper!

The warmest, yummiest party favors we’ve ever worked with – fresh baked croissant complete with customized “thank you” tags with The Filling Fork logo and all.

Florals + Fresh Produce

We went farm crazy with these arrangements. On my way from Saint Augustine to Gainesville to prep for the event, I stopped at every roadside farm fresh produce stand along the way to hand pick a mix of produce to incorporate into the arrangements that were scattered around The Filling Fork. The blooms we sourced from Swallowtail Farm were the perfect addition making these some truly farm fresh flower arrangements.

Leave it up to Calla to transform an artichoke into a beautiful little floral accent.

Yes, that’s kale billowing forth from this vase!

And rainbow carrots encased in vintage medicine bottles along with zinnias and a little statice.

Beets made an appearance in the base of this centerpiece full of sunflowers, wild thistle, zinnias and statice.

Carving a cabbage is not for the faint of heart.

We even added peonies into the mix. We were actually bursting at the seams with flower arrangements for this event.

This was a strongly themed farm-fresh restaurant opening, but *whatever* your theme or venue, we love creating the elements and special accents that pull it all together! One of a kind invitations, flower arrangements, photo backdrops, graphic signage, party favors – we do it all!

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